Donnerstag, 25. Juli 2013

Germany tour part 4: Cologne

After heading to the north, the east and the south of Germany, of course the west shouldn´t come too short. Cologne was now the object of desire to represent. I´d been there for about two days with two goals in my mind: to take part in the "Nur die Vielfalt knallt"-Festival and to meet my crew mate Norm, who had moved there a while ago, and put out some nice production with him.

Saturday was the time to drive to the well known party location "Odonien" where a sweet little festival would take place. Beside the different party areas and the stage for the bands, it offered various all day long side attractions like a flea market, a not so serious casting show, a screen printing workshop and some more entertainment. Also a few walls where reserved for invited artists like me to express themselves. After the colors provided by the organizer were given to me, I went for it:


Day two of my trip took me to the big local Hall of Fame in Braunsfeld, a district of Cologne. My partner Norm was already there early and had coated the wall with some background. Like the day before, the summer heat was in full effect, and my sunburn was growing despite all cream. Here´s my part
... and here the whole piece:

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