Freitag, 2. August 2013

The unfinished wall

About 3 years ago my man Nar78, our buddy Funky and I had this thought of executing a concept which would cover the whole big wallside of our Hall of Fame. The idea was to put up our three styles once at the bottom of the wall with green fillin and red outlines and secondly three styles in red fillin and green outlines parallel at the top of it. Those styles where supposed to be connected by colorful vertical blocks stretching the whole length from the high to the low letterings, equipped with one or the other character.

This project ultimately expanded over 2 years as all of us couldn´t manage to get together for painting at the same time (exept the day we started it) because of jobs, private business, the weather... whatever! Also a large amound of material was needed and has to be organized one by one, and so the thing developed only step by step by either one or two of us until it came to an end in last years summer. And the funny thing about it is that it stood there unfinished over 2 years untouched just to be gone over at the bottom part a few days after been completed and before we could shoot good photos of the whole work. 

At the moment I´m only able to present my finished green bottom style... with dragon character in progress...