Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

Germany tour part 2: Berlin

As I hadn´t visit the biggest and important German town since about five years now, it was high time to enter the train and ride it the 450 km to the capital. There was a mission to be fulfilled: The two German oldschool dudes Cemnoz and Crime wanted to celebrate the anniversary of 30 years of graffiti writing history in Germany. 
This event was located at an old, abandoned radar station areal called "Teufelsberg" (Devil´s Mountain). During the cold war the US and British army where spying out the east zone from there. After the danger of a war was gone, they left the place and now it´s in private owning. But because of financial problems they can´t rehabilitate the buildings right now, and therefore it isn´t sure what the future will bring for the area.
Anyway, it gives the opportunity to use the structure for alternative projects, like we did now with our bags full of paint...
For this event I decided to choose a more erotic visualization and colors...


Germany tour part 1: Hamburg

Some weeks ago my way led me high in the north of Germany to the beautiful city of Hamburg. Though it is known to be a rainy area, weather this time turned out fine, and so I headed down to the borough of Hamburg-Harburg, where there can be found one of the longest halls of the country. It´s extending over nearly 500 meters both sides of a flood protection wall, the so called "Bostelbek-Dike". Being legalized in January, you can find the whole wall covered with many expressing and large productions of art. I took over some 15 x 4 meter of space to show a stylized black skull with black and red lettering on pretty pink ground.

The next day I went to the east of Hamburg to meet with Dets and Risko from the RSK crew. We caught some wall of a youth center and hit it up with a little bit more traditional burner stuff. Here´s the outcome of my part:


... and here the whole wall: