Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

Germany tour part 1: Hamburg

Some weeks ago my way led me high in the north of Germany to the beautiful city of Hamburg. Though it is known to be a rainy area, weather this time turned out fine, and so I headed down to the borough of Hamburg-Harburg, where there can be found one of the longest halls of the country. It´s extending over nearly 500 meters both sides of a flood protection wall, the so called "Bostelbek-Dike". Being legalized in January, you can find the whole wall covered with many expressing and large productions of art. I took over some 15 x 4 meter of space to show a stylized black skull with black and red lettering on pretty pink ground.

The next day I went to the east of Hamburg to meet with Dets and Risko from the RSK crew. We caught some wall of a youth center and hit it up with a little bit more traditional burner stuff. Here´s the outcome of my part:


... and here the whole wall:


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