Dienstag, 4. Juni 2013

Germany tour part 3: Munich

 The next station on my journey through Germany was, like usually once a year, the Bavarian metropolis Munich where I hooked up with the local oldschool-hero Flin. Unfortunately all the time I was there the unstoppable rain poured down. So I chose to put my thing under a bridge at the city´s river "Isar" where I expected to stay dry. Because of the heavy rain in East Europe those days the river flooted the surroundings near the wall, but we were happy to get over and not to be forced to break off our mission. The bad thing there was that I couldn´t get some nice day fotos because the clouds set steady darkness at the location this day and I had to leave town the next morning. But when the flood will go back, I hope better fotos can be made if the water hasn´t destroyed the piece. So long you have to take this:


While  I´d been in Munich, my homebase was the artist and atelier community "Färberei", where the wall collage I´d posted some pages ago was still there. I was asked to put some new stuff up on it, and so I spend a cozy painting night shielded from the rain shower, refreshing my style by expanding it on the ceiling


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